Our multifunctional devices offer exceptional quality and reliability.

An office copier is now also your printer, scanner and document storage solution hence the term multifunctional devices. It is then key it performs all of these processes well. For that reason, we choose to work with Ricoh and Develop. These market leaders provide all the functionality needed but are straight forward to operate. With a few simple settings you can increase security with locked print jobs or set up pin codes to monitor usage. There are many more functions available so please contact us to find out more.

Our valued relationship with CF Corporate Finance allows us to offer competitive photocopier leasing costs as well as rentals directly with us.


Multifunctional Devices. TVC is an Oxfordshire based multifunctional devices supplier. We specialise in the leasing of Ricoh and Develop office equipment. Thames Valley Copiers chose these brands with reliability, quality and functionality in mind but also ease of use. They are the two market leaders in the multifunctional  photocopiers and printers industry. Modern MFD’s are much more than just a...

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In an ever changing business environment, the document management solutions we offer allow extra security for both your print jobs and scan files. This helps businesses to meet GDPR criteria. Document management solutions allow the user to set parameters to stabilise and predict costs. Your carbon footprint with also be lower due to the software minimising wastage. We would discuss...

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How To Buy

Thames Valley Copiers specialise in the leasing of multifunctional devices. Every business is different and has varying requirements. For that reason, we offer 3 ways to obtain a multifunctional device. Leasing of multifunctional devices is the most popular method. This is typically done over a 3 or 5 year fixed term but other terms are also available. We will always...

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