Testimonial – Oxford BioMedica


Why Thames Valley Copiers?

Oxford BioMedica is constantly challenged to reduce costs, improve quality, reliability and endeavour to be as environmental as possible. With the help of TVC we have consistently achieved all these goals. The Oxford BioMedica TVC relationship is now entering its 18th year. The extremely competitive nature of the photo copier market has meant that TVC have had to be creative and forward thinking as well as being competitively priced. TVC have help increase our photocopier performance and functionality use over the years, replacing aging photocopiers with the latest multifunction systems. As Oxford BioMedica has grown and developed so has our relationship with TVC with now multi-site deployment of newer, faster photocopiers. TVC’s technical engineers have confidently and professionally supported and responded to Oxford BioMeidca copiers faults and routine maintenance requirements.

What benefits have Oxford BioMedica gained by using TVC?

Not only have Oxford BioMedica managed to maximise its investment in copier and printing technology with the help of TVC, the copier stations have required minimal or little IT or technical department intervention. The smooth running and servicing of the copier installations have provided the user community across multiple sites a first class support service from desktop to copier, or from copier to desktop. This has been made possible by TVC’s intrinsic knowledge of the copiers they supply, being able to understand the Oxford BioMedica network and the high quality technical ability of TVC’s engineers.

David Brittain, I.T Manager

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